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Welcome To Rotary Club of Pondicherry Cosmos

Our Club, The Rotary Club of Pondicherry Cosmos was sponsored by Rotary Club of Pondicherry, was chartered on 23 June 1994 with Rtn. Rajan Babu as the Chartered President. The year 1995-'96, Rtn. Rajarajan took over as the President, during his period the first Interact Club was installed at Indra Nagar Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Gorimedu.

Rtn. PGR Dhandayutham led the club in the year 1996-97 as the President. During the year the first Rotaract Club was installed at Mother Theresa Institute of Health Sciences. The club also won an award for the Best Eye Camp conducted during the year. In the year of the inception of the Rotaract Club, it won the Best Rotaract Club in the District. The year 1957-'98 was led by Rtn. Asokan and for the second consecutive time the Rotaract club won the Best Rotaract club award. Rtn. Ravichandran was the President of the Club for the year 1998-'99, and during the year the second interact club was installed at VO.C. Govt, Hr. Sec. School. The newly installed interact club won the Best Interact Club Award. The year 1999-2000, the Club was led by Rtn. Vinod Murarka and the club was the First in the District to conduct Free Marriages for 6 poor couples. The club won a special award for this project.

Rtn. G.VIWishnamoorthy was the President of out Club for the year 2000-2001 and during this period our club won an Award for a Novel Eye Camp. The year 2001-2002 was led by Rtn. Sampathraj Jain, as the President. During the year Club sponsored its second Interact Club at Petit Seminaire Hr. Secondary School. During the year the club installed water cooler at Puducherry Bus Stand for the benefit of the General Public. The water cooler is being maintained by the Club till date. The club for the first time bagged the Best Secretary's Award. It happened to be the first Club in Pondicherry to bag an award of this kind.